tight hip flexors

Care for Your Hip Flexors

The hip flexor is made of the Illiacus and Psoas, and the Iliospoas.
The anatomy here is very unique and makes stretching really difficult. Furthermore these two muscles comes from the backside of the body and connect to the front. What does that mean? This means that they can pull on the lower back with the force of the quads and bring the entire torso forward like a front seat of a car. If these muscles become tight and are also weak they can do real damage to a posture. So, when and if you have pain, before you go talk to someone about cortisone, or surgery, even an MRI, please meet with a professional that will show you how to create flexibility here.


Lower Back Pain/Injury

Lower Back Pain/ Injury:

People with lower back issues are often talked into surgery, or have a pain management doctor that is either doing Cortisone injections or ripping nerves out as if that will cure everything. I realize that it is rather easy, with considerably good health insurance anyway, to get X-rays and/or an MRI and shortly thereafter, even trust a doctor. But, what these surgeons do not tell you is that literally thousands of people have spinal dysfunctions without an ounce of pain. The dysfunction I speak of includes things like, dislocation, herniation, compression, bulging discs, and yes the dreaded degenerative disc disease, which we all have, if not now, will surely acquire at some point in our future. I AM NOT LYING NOR AM I EXAGGERATING.