primal moves


Panda is yet another move from the Primal Series or Animal series introduced to me under the umbrella of Budokon, however this movement works your entire body and nice and slowly forcing you to move with control. Your heart rate will jump up and your core will be invigorated. Keep a flat back. Squeeze your shoulder […]


Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon is probably one of the harder moves from the primal series flow.

It is a mobile push up that combines a knee tuck and internally rotated arm position. Some people do a variation of this exercise and call them Spiderman pushups, but it isn’t quite the same hand placement and making it mobile changes everything.


Weightless Routines

Q: Do you need to lift weights? A: No you do not need to life weights to build a routine.
Weightless routines challenge your strength, cardio, and endurance. There is natural resistance placed upon you by gravity so essentially we are never working without resistance, not even walking.

Weightless routines allow you the flexibility to move in unencumbered ways that handheld weights would hinder. You shouldn’t run or jump laterally (side to side) with weights, but without weights you can do this easily and change directions giving you a great opportunity to cross train agility, power, speed, footwork all in a cardiovascular exercise.