Surfer Prep

What may not be obvious in this video is that you MUST MUST MUST alternate left and right and count each as one rep. This means you bounce forward right leg in front, back down on your belly and then bounce forward left leg is in front. You should be able to do at least 8x both sides. Work from there!


180 Jumps w/ Knee Tuck

Jump to the right, fall into plank and tuck right knee then left.
(This will remind you which side you are currently on so you don’t lose count)
Bounce up from plank into ready stance and jump to the left, fall into plank and tuck left knee before right.
Make sure that you are fully landed in your ready stance before you lift off in the opposite direction.

Speed is only good if you have control.


Side Monkey

Use your hands to propel your body sideways.

Keep your hips above your shoulders.

You can bend your knees.

Elbows reach completely outside the knees and in movement legs swing and land outside the elbows in their step.

Try to be animalistic in your execution of this move.
Glide effortlessly. Keep the belly engaged, and land softly.


Jump Squat w/ a Twist

Jump Squat with a Twist (of Lime)
Let’s take it back to Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons!
Nothing is lost from the fun times this jump squat variation brings.

It is just fantastic!

Don’t forget that twist at the top, reach outside of the knee with that elbow and get as high as you can from a deep low squat. Count only one side so that you can do both evenly and try for 3 sets of 20!