muscle recruitment

Working on Balance

Balance is not something that you’re born with. Have you ever watched a baby learn how to walk? Even just try to sit up right? There’s a reason they call them drunken babies.

These things take time, and maintaining one’s center of gravity can be a challenge for anyone and depending on so many things. Balance is something that comes from the give and take of information via the vestibular system and their messengers: Nerves. How well we move is directly related to how well our brain relays these details to our muscles. We create balance by being balanced. What does that mean? Well visualize a scale. It has to have the same weight on right as it does on the left to stand evenly, right? Same with you: If you are not activating the front body as much as you are the back of your body, this is where you begin. If you are more top heavy than you are bottom strong, than that is your starting point. In order to balance, we must engage the musculature of the hip:

the largest and strongest muscles of the body

an extremely mobile joint that fixes the spine in its upright position

guides the rest of the body into alignment