Carbohydrates: Chemical Breakdown

Now it’s time for the Carbohydrate Breakdown:

According to their chemical composition: From Simple to Complex.

This doesn’t have to be so confusing. Think simple means that you’re body doesn’t have to work to break them down. This would normally be a good thing, less stress on the body, however that is not the case when it comes to carbs. Simple carbs spike your blood sugar, meaning that your cells absorb the sugar immediately and begin transporting it to the blood, and while sugar does belong in the blood, it does not need to be there in such high quantities. For example, if you give a child a candy that is very high in sugar you may see them start bouncing off the walls and acting crazy. This is not their fault. This is the product of too much sugar entering their bloodstream at one time. The other problem is that often these sugar spikes are found in non-nutritive food, meaning that the primary constituent of the food is sugar. Complex carbohydrates are starchy vegetables and grains.