mind body connection

Why Do We Warm Up?

Elevating your heart rate and activating some sleepy muscles is extremely important. Firstly, an elevated heart rate turns up body temperature and circulates warm oxygenated blood to your muscles and this is necessary for all of the work your routine will ask from your muscles and joints. Without oxygen, it becomes more difficult to make and break down energy. Without energy you could never give your exercise 100%.


Understanding [the] Mind

What does awareness or mindfulness even mean? This is the art of listening to our inner selves, and when we talk about it like this, it seems like a very kind and obvious thing to do. We are, quite literally, the only one we can talk to. If we continue to ignore ourselves we are the creators of our own alienation and discrimination. The means to achieving this bond with oneself and maintaining the mind-body connection is a process that will look differently for each and every person.

Your mood is directly associated with how well your mind can receive and process information.