how to get rid of inflammation

Foam Rolling

Foam Rolling is a practice. It is an art. It is a labor of love and physical health. It addresses inflammation, increases circulation of oxygenated blood and improves flexibility. Inflammation comes from the congestion of white blood cells in a localized area in the body. This can come from heavy lifting, a moderate work out like running, everyday movement, as well as your diet.
This cylinder is just foam, a non-recycleable waste, sometimes offered in different density levels. The higher the density translates into a higher the level of firmness. The foam roller is most effective when you have liberally applied weight onto it. Like love, if you only give a little, it only gives back a little. The first thing everyone should understand is that, like love, foam rolling hurts. And the more it hurts, the more indicative it is of how much you need to use the foam roller on that particular painful space.


Understanding Inflammation

The body is designed to move. You are one huge muscle, yes you have many, but all of your muscles are encased in connective tissue called Fascia. This connective tissue is an amazing network of receptors and electrifying neurons that helps transform messages from the brain directly into muscle action. ┬áLearn how to remove inflammation […]