Wide Legged into Wild Thing

Practicing asana is only one of many details that fall under the umbrella of yoga. But it’s lovely isn’t it? Being able to move and stretch, breathe and hold all of your body weight in ways you never thought possible.  A yoga flow can come from careful planning, or following a flow that sets out to achieve […]


Which Yoga is the Best?

No one that is alive today created Yoga. They may like Yoga, they may want to show you what their interpretation is and play sweet music for you and give you an awesome experience where you connect with your body. But they don’t know how to access that or give you that access. They don’t know exactly what your body needs, how could they?
Yoga happens in the sand, on the street, on hardwood floors with ripped up tee-shirts and a barely functional water fountain. Yoga is a vision someone has when they haven’t used their phone for a full day, thoughts that become reality, and it can happen in the most boring of asanas.