180 jumps

180 Jumps w/ Knee Tuck

Jump to the right, fall into plank and tuck right knee then left.
(This will remind you which side you are currently on so you don’t lose count)
Bounce up from plank into ready stance and jump to the left, fall into plank and tuck left knee before right.
Make sure that you are fully landed in your ready stance before you lift off in the opposite direction.

Speed is only good if you have control.


180 Jumps

An explosive jump squat that adds a turn. You can do one side at a time. If you get dizzy, just do regular jump squats. You can try to staring at a focal point ahead of you. Yogi’s call this a drishti. You can beat this. Press your tongue into the roof of your mouth.

Focus on your breath, not the dizziness.