Yoga is Ancient Play

We use yoga to get into the body. We align our limbs to express a specific posture. AND this posture brings our life force (breath) into our organs. This is nourishment for the soul.

We have to break through the physical form of asana to reach the moment when we are lucky enough to engage the spirit within. This higher self, the humming that occurs out of nowhere, the words and thoughts that just pop up, the visualizations that give you inspiration and make you happy. This you is universal, elemental and variable. You are connected energetically to all the people around you and also all the non-beings, ie. rocks and plants that surround you.


Bow to your practice’s imperfections

Great teachers are few and far in between.

Good teachers are what most of us know and while they develop their practice, they share what they have learned on their journey.

So if you can, find a teacher that looks like she might share your body, your disposition, talk to him or her, ask them questions because you are a mirror for their progress in the journey. No Yoga. No Peace.


Yoga for Beginners

The beginning is THE BOOK THAT COMES BEFORE the one we see today in studios. It’s further back than most teachers are willing to go, maybe because show offs find it rudimentary, or they don’t know how to slow things down, or maybe they’re afraid to give students what they really need, because it won’t look like a typical yoga class with arm balances, headstands, and seventeen chattarangas.


Holy Smokes

It’s been a long time and I have missed you!     I was for sure that I wasn’t going to get carried away with the holidays and rigmarole of buzzing to and from parties, stores, filling out cards and wrapping presents, but yea right. I was mistaken. My family was awesome- Charades was hilarious. […]


It was a Twofer

Today’s Lesson: Make the time for yourself.¬†And this doesn’t always mean a workout. Getting Fit doesn’t just refer to our muscles. What about our organs, like your mind? I was running late for my first session today and even though I was about three minutes late, I still filled up my Nathan water bottle from […]