This Beauty is a Beast

Daily Journal

Life is Fucking Hard.

Friends make the days go by easy. Yea, they sure do. Laughter that makes a face burn and tummy cramp are seriously things I live for. I have a handful of friends that are here that I see, many more that I do not see, and even more than are not within physical reach. Stay committed to your decisions. Missing the essence of someone does not mean that they need to be back in your life. You cannot please yourself and everyone around you. Popularity is over-rated. Pay more attention to those that love you and care about what you are doing, those that remember the things you tell them, the people that reach out to you right at the moment you needed to be reached and/or were thinking about them even if you told them not to call you, even if you were trying to stay in darkness under that perfectly placed rock you put over your eyes. You can only feel human and get closer to the truth and who you really are when you are relating to others around you with compassion and love.