Knee Pain/ Limitations

Your knee is the only one you are born with. Surgery can help many, but it is not the only answer. Let’s first take a look at the knee’s location in the body: directly under the hips. Joints are stacked in an alternating mobile- immobile fashion, meaning that the hip is extremely mobile but the knee isn’t. There is a tiny bit of rotation allowed at flexion and extension, but bending are its main modes. There is synovial fluid in the knee, which is good as this lubricates all moving parts, and like all fluids of the body, synovial fluid brings all kinds of nutrients to the body.

Ligaments: These are a series of helpers that stabilize this very loaded and rather immobile joint. They do not have elasticity and will become loose overtime leaving them susceptible to tears when there are irregular patterns of movement particularly under consistent stress. PARTICULARLY FOR YOGI’S.

Beyond Ligaments, there is also a need to cushion the bones (all of the moving parts) of the knee from impact. Luckily, we have such a cushion called cartilage that mitigates impact, however we do not have an unlimited supply. Impact : long lasting result of gravity’s forces on the body in sports, running, jumping, etc.The more we use it (cartilage), the more we lose it, like the spring in old sneakers. Where does it go? The good news: There are many great exercises that allow you to work your leg muscles (even those attached to the knee) without impact!


Lower Back Pain/Injury

Lower Back Pain/ Injury:

People with lower back issues are often talked into surgery, or have a pain management doctor that is either doing Cortisone injections or ripping nerves out as if that will cure everything. I realize that it is rather easy, with considerably good health insurance anyway, to get X-rays and/or an MRI and shortly thereafter, even trust a doctor. But, what these surgeons do not tell you is that literally thousands of people have spinal dysfunctions without an ounce of pain. The dysfunction I speak of includes things like, dislocation, herniation, compression, bulging discs, and yes the dreaded degenerative disc disease, which we all have, if not now, will surely acquire at some point in our future. I AM NOT LYING NOR AM I EXAGGERATING.


Understanding [the] Organs

Most of us are extremely lucky and are not even aware of how grateful we should be that nutrition and hydration occur just by eating and drinking. Our organs are all key players in the orchestra that is total wellness. Without something as small as a gland we would not be able to produce hormones, and without hormones we would not be able to properly digest our food or begin something as paramount as our reproductive process. We need our kidneys to filter our blood, the only way that we can even begin to create the energy required to move. We need our liver like our fall out shelter or back up generator. It is not only a filter for all the waste we ingest, but it is also the place where we store our energy. Knowing what organs create and eliminate, and how they facilitate our abilities is the first step.


Understanding [the] Body

Body: The body needs movement above all else.

Body: Your muscles are what give you the strength and ability to move, and complex movement like running, all the sport playing in the world, lifting enormous amounts of weight or just holding your body upright as an ocean wave tries to take you down, even something as silly as rolling onto your side when being tickled, and best of all self-healing. Each muscle big and tiny are working together, sometimes with the same effort, and sometimes against one another in order to give balance and grace to your effort.


Understanding [the] Mind

What does awareness or mindfulness even mean? This is the art of listening to our inner selves, and when we talk about it like this, it seems like a very kind and obvious thing to do. We are, quite literally, the only one we can talk to. If we continue to ignore ourselves we are the creators of our own alienation and discrimination. The means to achieving this bond with oneself and maintaining the mind-body connection is a process that will look differently for each and every person.

Your mood is directly associated with how well your mind can receive and process information.


How to Begin (the mind-body-exchange)

How can you, the creator of all the procrastination and laziness that has brought you to this point, also be your motivation?

You can start by understanding laziness is no reflection of strength. We are lazy because we live in a world where we do not have to do much of anything to get by. We are inherently lazy as any human would be living in an environment that is bent on creating and advertising an even easier path of least resistance. This is okay, and mostly not your fault, but it can all be turned around through the accumulation of changing many – and by many I mean thousands upon thousands of tiny details, habits, steps etc. 😉