Join the Mission

Our goal is to grow in different communities across the globe. Committed to the pursuit of happiness for those we serve and the community we care about. Our purpose is to engage and inspire individuals to take action and have fun cultivating their own health. In a world that has borders on most everything, this is an active approach to unity. With this borderless mat, we can create an environment and inspire movement on every human level.

It is dire times all over the world, hence why leaders in many countries worldwide are doing their best to take what freedom they can from their people.

Say these next two sentences out loud: Freedom is inherently mine. I know it’s also yours. You and I have the great freedom to live life as we want, and with that freedom comes great responsibility.

Here in ‘civilized’ society, citizens are losing more and more of their rights and privacy. The number of environment-killing, profit-seeking, and people-forsaking corporations controlling legislation climbs daily.

You joining the Mission: I know there are so many ways to mistakenly put time and energy in the nothing, a vacuous hell of indecision and insecurity, a particularly deceptive place and one that is bent on destroying you, but deep in your imagination, the private time where you ruminate on what could have been, or what could be.

Where you do you see yourself?

Whom would you be with?

What would you be doing?




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