Root Chakra : Muladhara

One major detail regarding Chakras: They are energetic centers. (see subtle body) The energy within a chakra can be in deficiency, surplus, or balanced and free flowing. Don’t know where to begin? Read Chakras- At-A-Glance.


Muladhara: First Chakra: Root or Base Chakra. The Sanskrit name MULADHARA translates to “foundation.” It is found at the base of our spine where Kundalini: the coiled serpent – our divine energy and vital force rests.

MULADHARA is associated with Earth colors, so everything from yellow to a deep red. Having Earth as its dominant Tattva (Element) this chakra is unique as it combines water, fire, air, and space. It literally is everything we need to grow.

  • The symbol of the root chakra is composed of a four-petaled lotus flower, often stylized as a square within a circle and an inverted triangle.
  • This triangle represents our spirit grounding with Mother Earth and invoking the powers of Kundalini. She may be dormant but prepared to lead the pathway to Samadhi: Enlightenment. She alone distributes energy to all other chakras. 

Image result for airavata, elephant, seven trunks

  • The animal associated with MULADHARA is a seven-trunked elephant named Arivata. Each one of Arivata’s trunks represents our seven human aspects, the seven chakras, the seven colors of the rainbow, and the seven notes in an octave: essentially the completion of harmony waiting for activation. 

The ROOT Chakra is when seed becomes plant; when stillness becomes movement. It is important to think of roots as we know it in the physical plant world. Roots are underground and out of sight (for the most part) and where plants retrieve all of their vitals. Like plants, this chakra is the place where the karma of our past lives reside and have the potential to emotionally charge our behavior in the physical world.

MULADHARA provides the foundation on which we build our life. The condition of our ROOT Chakra directly relates to and determines our feeling of safety and security and aspects like food and shelter. It is the interface between:

  • Your Spirit
  • Your Physical body
  • The Material world

A balanced ROOT Chakra is when one embodies ABHAYA:  To live fearlessly.

“Risk” does not exist out there independent of our minds and culture, waiting to be measured. Human beings have invented the concept of “risk” to help them understand and cope with the dangers and uncertainties of life. Although these dangers are real, there is no such thing as “real risk” or “objective risk.”

-Daniel Kahneman from “Thinking, Fast and Slow”

If your ROOT Chakra is blocked :

Your expression is repressed or limited as you have submitted to the distressing conditions of the material world as they have made you feel powerless. You question your sense of belonging, sanity, health and will. Symptoms may include:

  • Constant Tiredness
  • Depression with great fluctuations of moods
  • Suicidal feelings
  • Defensive or Anxious behavior
  • Obesity – Emotional eating
  • Addiction – Emotional Triggers
  • Low sexual libido or Infertility problems
  • Lower back pain
  • Constipation or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Stress which affects the back and shoulders
  • Insomnia or difficult sleeping patterns
  • Victim / Martyr  Mentality

If your ROOT Chakra is over-active:

You may form excessive attachments to compensate for deep insecurities. Your thinking and behavior may become fixed and rigid to avoid change. You may attempt to possess or control others around you and become impatient or angry, materialistic or greedy if and when you perceive threat. Side note: you perceive threat often when there is none.

Symptoms may include:

  • Unrealistic self-imposed demands and needs
  • Living in Excess
  • Needing drama or complications to feel stimulated
  • Stress-seeking
  • Addiction
  • Complicated or unhealthy relationships

Balancing your ROOT Chakra:

When meditating with MULADHARA it is important to keep a fixed gaze on the tip of your nose. The ROOT CHAKRA is connected to the seed syllable of  “LANG.” Visualize a square shape of your lips as you begin the make the “L” sound pressing the tip of your tongue firmly to roof of your mouth sealing off the top of that square. This vibration forces energy and power to your skull, nadis, and neurons of the brain. Let the mouth open as you continue with the seed syllable, progressing to the “ANG” part of the sound. The open movement of your lips to the “G” sound at the end will seal off the bottom part of the square and visually help you to see that you are pushing your energy down to awaken Kundalini. 

  • Grounding Exercises internally and externally

Grounding is more for Over-active MULADHARA

  • Hip Opening asanas

Hip-Opening is more for Blocked MULADHARA

If your ROOT CHAKRA is Balanced:

You will see this world as an arena for personal evolution and to perpetually gain self-awareness. You are willing to unleash your creative power in order to accelerate the awakening of all beings sharing this planet.

With a balanced MULADHARA, you will avoid the illusion that the material world is real or permanent. You will become aware of how little impact your physical desires have on the evolution of your mind-body-exchange that you will instead pursue spiritual experiences.





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