Understanding [the] Spirit

Mind, Body, and Spirit: The Three Unifying Elements of Humans.

Spirit: The best friend you never think about. The higher self that guides you in every way possible. Your voice. Your intuition. The pieces of you that are connected to the Universe, God, and all of nature.

Energetic Pathway: the connection between the intangible mind & our physical form. Also Chakras.

The intangible mind is all that we haven’t yet been able to tap into, and is more eloquently stated as our Spirit. It is the space where our actual mind comes into contact with something called Ether. You see the mind is actually made of a metal. I know that sounds nuts, but it has been proven that the brain has its own electromagnetic waves, meaning it can send and receive and  interacts with the hydrogen in our air, effecting the spaces we share, literally engaging with everything around you on a molecular level. The intangible mind is better explained through our common experiences like intuition and clairvoyance, dreams that come true, all the information that comes to you from your higher self, that part of you that is connected to all matter in the Universe. This intangible mind is the warehouse of the things we know without remembering learning them.

The Physical Form is the meat we walk around in, our skin and bones, that which is bound by gravity and bodily functions, and there are ways to maintain a healthy physical form, See the Body.

See Mind

Maintaining the Spirit is more nuanced and very independent work. One must take an active role in developing and nurturing their spirit. We all need different things.

  • Regulate your thoughts as they impact us on a cellular level.
  • Become aware of your self-talk as you will impact your biology.
  • Treat others as you wish to be treated, as you are connected to them and their feelings.
  • Invigorate your soul with habits and events that enhance your life-force.
  • Do not get attached to negativity or resistance. Once we are created, it is our responsibility to stay open and receptive to all of the forces around us.

Energetic Pathways is explained in Sanskrit by the word Nadi. Nadi is directly translated into channel or river and is the site where these two forces of our nature are connected. These sites of our Subtle Body are the points of interest for spiritual practitioners and energy healers.

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