Balancing Series

Balancing has everything to do with alignment. But how and why do we come out of  “proper” alignment. Because we do and we may have never had it. We sit lop-sided. We have tight muscles. We exercise the muscles that are already strong because it’s easy and no one wants to do corrective exercises, God Forbid! Read more about Balance here.

In order to balance well, you have to practice Pada balancing

In yoga, you will learn something called Pada Banda, and this is literally the activation of your toes so that they grip the ground. They need to push the ground as much and as consistently as the ground is pushing you. This total activation from the tiny muscles of the foot all the way up to the lower leg and thigh and engaging the hip is how we create balance, AND in my opinion, it’s the place to begin.

Focus and continue to focus on hip alignment. Do you stand on one leg? Do you sit with a prolonged leg cross? Do your feet turn out, turn in? In order to have good hip alignment you must be aware of how strong or weak the muscles of your lower back, core, hips, as well as how bent or curved your spine is. Do you slouch? Have recurring pain in your neck, shoulders, between your shoulder blades, hip joint? It would be helpful at least to know which section we are talking about when we discuss the spine and try to localize the origin of pain or any sensation.

Simply, your spine is broken down into four main sections.

  • Cervical is related to your neck.
  • Thoracic is the mid section encasing the ribs.
  • Lumbar is the area that we think of when we refer to the lower back.
  • Tailbone, fused together is far less mobile than the rest of your spine is called the Sacral.


  • Pyramid – Parsvottanasana
  • Standing Splits –  Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana
  • Warrior 3 – Virabhadrasana III
  • Half Moon – Ardha Chandrasana
  • Standing Splits – Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana

I only recorded one side, but you get the idea. Repeat on the other side and as many times as you can or want to.


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