Tapasya (Niyama #3)


Tapasya -तपस्य – Fire from Austerity – Tapasya is practicing your will power for life.

It is an excellent and powerful tool to enhance any burning passion found within.  Tapas, the root word, means fire. But what does austerity mean? [We often think of austerity as governmental measures taken to restore public finances, like lowering budgets, spending cuts, or a hiring freeze, but really, Austerity just means something like: A Pause.]

Fire from Austerity is a lot like maintaining commitment and extreme concentration through sustained self control.

  • Why is self control important?

Because you are strong enough to not give in to the whiny baby residing in your adult form. Exhibit restraint and  have the fortitude to overcome the

  • “I’m tired..”
  • “I’m hungry..”
  • “I don’t want to..”

 Self-control is not only to be understood as negative reinforcement. It could be positive efforts of doing something you don’t want to, and enduring it with patience and dedication.

  • Tapasya can be understood as commitment:

 As in you are committed to what you are currently involved in, no distractions, no shortcuts, no justifying, no excuses, and absolutely no examining options or doubts of, “What if?” when things become difficult.

  • Tapasya is at the heart of the greater good, and begs the question,

“Do the ends justify the means?”

“Are your activities in line with your cause or are they beyond the scope of what it is you have already committed to.”





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