Saucha (Niyama #1)

Niyama : a personal observance

Saucha –सौच  – Purity of the body, mind, and intention, & ultimately spiritual purity.

Saucha is basically self-care and can be practiced in many ways. You may choose to clean your living space or organize your day in order to function without clutter or confusion. In practicing Saucha, you can eat pure clean foods, moderate the size of your meals, and regularly submit your body to movements so that you flush out toxins and waste from your system.

Saucha is ridding yourself from thoughts that do not serve you and the habits that keep you distracted and impure. 

Purification simply means ridding yourself of excess waste, things and thoughts that do not serve you. The practice of Saucha is practicing purity. Saucha reminds us to live a healthy life on the inside and the outside, aka our relationships and speech. 

If we maintain pure relationships, we do not fill them with greed, jealousy, or any other negative feeling. When we practice saucha in our communication, we learn to separate the stream of consciousness into individual thoughts, separating different emotions and thoughts, according to a purpose – understanding the differences between the two and our innate reactions, and the end result from the practice: a clear and controlled focus.

Everything we do is connected, Saucha is the art of harmonizing our environment and actions towards purity and peace.



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