Santosha (Niyama #2)

Santosha –संतोष- Contentment. Being content is like almost being happy.

Or allowing yourself to be happy-ish, because there are literally thousands of things to be unhappy about, to work on, to analyze, to complain about, etc. Practicing Santosha is imagining for just a moment, every moment, that you love your life just because you get to live it. 

We have three critical pitfalls when it comes to contentment:

  • Thinking that happiness is a static emotion. It isn’t. It never was. Your reactions and choice to be happy is directly related to the weight you give events, things, people, factors in your life.
  • Creating unrealistic conditions by which you can feel and experience happiness. The modernity with which we live and the technology that has transformed our relations into more of a voyeur, where we consume others rather than know them, coupled by our multi-tasking and overloading of data can condition someone into thinking that they are so far from what, or who they “need” to be happy.
  • Attaching your happiness to something that is out of your control. You are not the job you wanted, nor are you the apartment you applied for, not the pimple on your nose, or the travel plans or relationship that fell apart. You were lucky to be part of or taken out of these temporary states of existence because it was the beauty of your unique path. With this practice you will find a deep sense of appreciation for just being.

Practicing Santosha is in part a process of surrendering.

No doubt there will be events that make you scream for joy, and cry with pain, but surrendering that these events are in a constant state of self-balancing will grant you an awareness of how lucky you are to include them all in your story.

Santosha is where life begins. 


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