The Windmill ( a kettlebell exercise)

Read for Instruction. Scroll Below for Video.

Beginners: See Kettlebell Training Concepts.

The Windmill is less like a windmill and more like a weighted Triangle pose, or Trikonasana. It is an advanced move, so please read tips below before trying.


This is yet another move that looks dramatically different based on different levels of flexibility and anatomy.

Tips to read before trying:
1. You can bend the knee on the turned out leg if need be.
2. The goal of the Windmill is NOT getting your torso to 90° or even lower than 90°. It is an exercise for the trunk that involves hip, shoulder & spine stabilization as well as flexibility in some of the very large and powerful leg muscles.
3. You want to try and keep your arm locked overhead with bicep or level with your ear. If you cannot do this, continue to work on straightening out the arm and increasing your shoulder flexibility before executing this exercise.

Action:    SNATCH  +   SIDE BEND

  • Step (non-KB holding side) leg outwards.
  • Turn the toe out at about 45° or whatever angle feels best for you.
  • Keep gaze up at KB with locked elbow and make sure entire arm stays even with shoulder socket. The arm should go straight up not reaching in front or behind you.
  • Other arm travels down the inner thigh on this turned out leg.
  • Keep your spine totally straight, so that the torso twists away from the front of your legs.
  • Press the outside of the traveling hand against the inner thigh so that you can maintain STACKED SHOULDERS. That means the shoulder of the KB holding arm is directly on top of the shoulder on the bottom.
  • Feel a stretch on the side of the trunk & obliques engage and return torso upright.
  • Square your shoulders and look straight ahead.



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