Single Leg Deadlift

Read for Instruction. Scroll Below for Video.

Beginners: See Kettlebell Training Concepts

Kettle Bell Training is one of the sure-fire ways to hit the backside of the body, also known as posterior chain training. It is also a great way to condition the body as many of these movements combine resistance with aerobic training.


  • Stand tall with a KB in one hand.
  • Roll your shoulders back and down
  • Squeeze the shoulder blades together so that you maintain a flat back throughout the entire exercise.
  • This leaning forward movement of the torso while legs stay in a fixed position is called a hinge.

This hinge looks slightly different for each person’s anatomy. If you have tight hamstrings your torso may not get 90° or parallel with the ground, and some may prefer to bend their knees.

2 Part Action:     DOWN +  UP (Stand up Straight)


  • Anterior tilt of the pelvis
  • flat back hinges forward
  • move slowly until you feel a stretch on the backside of the legs.
  • Pull in the belly particularly around the belly button and stop at the point where you feel an intense stretch along the hamstrings. (For an ever greater intensity stay there in that 90° position for a moment before coming up.)


  • Press the ball of the foot and heel evenly into the ground.
  • Do not roll the ankle and allow the pressure to go to the outsides of the feet.
  • Let this pressure stabilize the hips and suck the low belly in, even more than you think possible.
  • Bring torso upright position. Shoulder blades together and buns of steel. Always Buns of Steel.

This is a great exercise to activate glute med. As is the case, many of us have strong glute max’s but a sleepy glute med. This is a great stabilization exercise for the knee. TIP: Watch your knee, does it move or jerk side to side as you try to balance. Practice to minimize that movement using the large and amazing muscles of your hip and lower leg.

WARNING: As with most balance exercises, you may find that your feet are burning or even cramping. It could be your footwear, PROBABLY NOT. It could be you straining the muscles of your feet. Make sure that you are not clenching your toes as well as that you press into the ground evenly with the whole foot .



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