Single Arm Kettlebell Clean

Read for Instruction. Scroll Below for Video.

Beginners: See Kettlebell Training Concepts

The Clean is another KB lift from the ground.


Once again, as with many KB lifts, the KB is to be lifted from the ground using the power of the legs, particularly the posterior chain. (Backside of the legs) NOT THE ARMS.

SINGLE ARM CLEAN : 2-Part Action:  Lift  + Catch


  • Ready Stance.

  • Lift KB using legs and thrusting hips.

  • Keep a firm grip and spiral arm away from the body.

  • Bend the elbow as if you are going to elbow someone behind you.

  • Once the KB reaches shoulder height, drop the elbow and catch the KB with your whole body.


  • Engage whole body.

  • Bring core to the KB as elbow digs into ribs.

  • Forearms come to chest & shoulder blades squeeze together opening chest and making a perfectly straight spine.

  • Solid Core. Buns of Steel.

A Clean can be combined with a swing for greater aerobic intensity, but can be lifted from the ground without swinging for the traditional execution of this exercise.


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