Single Arm KB Clean + Squat

Read for Instruction. Scroll Below for Video.

Beginners: See Kettlebell Training Concepts

This is a combination of two moves, which means that you must try each of the elements presented in this video first and master them before putting them together.




  1. This ready or beginning stance is critical. [You send your hips back and should feel a slight stretch of the hamstrings. DO NOT SQUAT.
  2. Then, thrust your hips forward as you are spiraling the arms away from the body and catching the KB on the outside of the hand.  The purpose here is to bring your body to the KB with a strong core as much as the KB is coming towards you. DO NOT SLAM YOUR HAND WITH THE KETTLE-BELL


  1. Once the KB is in Clean Position, slowly lower into a squat, again tilting your hips and sitting as far back into a seat as you can. Make sure the weight is in your heels and stay there for a bit. Pull in the deep low belly, squeeze glutes and shoulder blades as you return to standing. SMILE.

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