Kettlebell Training Concepts

Kettlebell Training Concepts  : THE RUBRICKettlebellWeightDock

Kettle Bell Training is one of the sure-fire ways to hit the backside of the body, also known as posterior chain training. It is also a great way to condition the body as many of these movements combine resistance with aerobic training.

  • KBs are tricky equipment to train with because the inherent quick nature of many KB movements AND It is a bit counter-intuitive to move fast with something so heavy and oddly shaped.

  • Taking time between each repetition is a great place to start.

  • Kettle-bell training is a wonderful way to increase your cardiac output, overall conditioning, muscle recruitment, the shape your booty and midsection. You will also increase the strength in your hands and enhance your joint’s mobility and stability, maybe even the length of your hamstrings.


  • Always use your LEGS to lift the KB from the floor, not your ARMS.

  • Hinge at the hips and stretch your hamstrings in order for them to work and lift the KB. [A hinge looks slightly different for each person’s anatomy. If you have tight hamstrings your torso may not get 90° or parallel with the ground, and some may prefer to bend their knees.]

  • Put out an arm for counter balance.

  • The closer the KB is to your body, the more control you have. 

  • Shoulders or biceps should never burn or hurt from the basic lifts. Overhead presses and clean holds for reps is different, but in a basic lift for moderate reps, you should feel it in your legs, particularly the backside of the legs.


If you do not feel it in the legs, there is a) an issue with your posture, or b) The weight you are lifting is too light and therefore your legs are not get recruited for power.

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