Kettlebell Suitcase Squat

Read for Instruction. Scroll Below for Video.

Beginners: See Kettlebell Training Concepts

Suitcase Squats are one of the greatest ways to train legs with uneven loading. This exercise is a self-regulated one, meaning you must be vigilant and watch for imbalances as you are executing the move.


Look for:

  • Uneven movement in the hips.
  • Slow down to train them evenly and also so you can see what is happening.
  • change the depth of your squat so that left and right and top and bottom are all even. 
  • Also, watch any jerking motions in the shoulders. The shoulders certainly play their part in this move and any move involving the hips.
  • You should not be swaying the kettlebell forward.
  • Keep a firm grip and let it remain by your side.
  • Keep an upright torso and straight spine as you would in any other squat.



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