Kettlebell Snatch

Read for Instruction. Scroll Below for Video.

Beginners: See Kettlebell Training Concepts

The snatch is yet another KB move that requires you to lift the KB from the ground using your legs. NOT YOUR UPPER BODY. The snatch is slightly different than a clean, because at the finish the KB is overhead. 

Bringing the KB to an overhead position from the ground will involve activation of the muscles of the upper back, particularly the trapezius. Try to minimize your shrugging motion. [the lifting of your shoulders to your ears, often the body language to say, “I don’t know.”]




                        THE SNATCH:  3-Part Action:                                                      LIFT  +  FLIP & PUNCH  +  RETURN


  • Ready Stance
  • Hinge & Thrust
  • Lifting KB from the legs and with a bend in the elbow
  • The arm and elbow bend is mimicking the position in an upright row

Flip & Punch:

  • Flick your wrists using the muscles of your forearm
  • You are literally flipping this kettle bell over your wrist WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY punching your knuckles up to the ceiling through the hole of the KB where you have your hand placed
  • Lock arm and try to get biceps behind your ears. Ball of kettlebell is on backside of your hand 

[This takes practice, there are many times where your flip is perfect, but the punch not, and vice versa. You can wear a sweatband around your wrist to minimize bruising as you learn, but practice fearlessly.]

The Return: 2 options

  1. From the OH position with a strong arm and locked elbow, flip the KB from the wrist and follow the descend with the torso.

  2. From the OH position with a strong arm and locked elbow, bend the elbow and bring forearm to chest (clean position) and return to the floor.

1. Keep the KB close to your body when lifting from the floor. That original bend in the elbow allows for the KB to be close to the upper body. It should not be an arm’s distance from you when you attempt to flip.
2. Commit to the flip. Do not let fear take over and change your movement. If you hesitate in your mind, you are already behind in your physical movements.
3. Grip the KB firmly so that you can transfer the force of your hips to list the KB, but the grip must also be loose enough so that it has the freedom to flip over your hand.



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