Kettlebell Combos

Read below for understanding. Scroll to the bottom for video instruction.

Kettle Bell Training is one of the sure-fire ways to hit the backside of the body, also known as posterior chain training. It is also a great way to condition the body as many of these movements combine resistance with aerobic training. Please see KB Training Concepts before attempting Combination Exercises. 

  • It is imperative that you can complete each one of these exercises in an isolated fashion for at least three sets of ten reps.
  • Your body will fatigue and drain you of brain power, so it is important that you have muscle memory to rely on and that you do not rush through the movements.
  • Start with a lighter weight than you normally use to do the isolated exercises.

First part of the video:     KB CLEAN + SQUAT + OH PRESS

Second Part of the video: KB SWING + SNATCH + REVERSE LUNGE

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