Push Up Outside Knee Tucks

A simple easy combo of pushing up and knee tucking:
There is nothing to think about here other than your count.


Make sure you say your count out loud: Only count one leg, or both legs but then say the total. 1, right knee tuck, 1 left knee tuck, 1 – total.

Our minds can play tricks on us when we are working unilaterally and or doing an up and down motion. So many times, clients count 1 on the up and 2 on the down, making two counts for only one rep! DON’T DO THIS. 

When the body is fatigued it will drain your brain power. 😉 Go Slow at first making sure that form is just right. Eventually, you will be able to power through ten of these.

Inhale on the down, exhale as you get back to the top of your plank, and SMILE!


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