Plow Burpee

Plow is a Yoga move that is also used in Mat-Based Pilates. It is a wonderful stretch for the lumbar and cervical spine.

So, you get to expand the convex curvatures of your spine and then explosively burst into a plank where you build the endurance and strength of your core. (core = the only thing that supports your spine)


Try them as an isolated movement, so maybe you do one here an there in between lifting sets.

Build up to do five of them in a row, eventually build up to 3 sets of 5, continually adding reps until you reach 3 sets of 10. 😉

Stay Golden.

Plow Burpees are pretty much one of the greatest combination moves I have ever mastered. In fact, I can do this move much better now than when this video was filmed. But not everything starts out easy, that’s the beauty of the human body. We adapt.


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