Plank w/ Hip Extension

Keep the strongest plank you can and lift one leg.


  • Then lift one leg in a straight and uniform fashion. [toes come toward the shin and do not bend the knee]

  • Keep the entire body active.

  • Lift the heel to the ceiling but do not take the leg higher than your hip.

You are trying to keep the rest of the plank as stable as possible, meaning even though one leg is lifting from the floor, the rest of your body is completely fixed and strong.

Most lower back pain comes from irregular or dysfunctional movement in the lower back. It could be too much movement or it can be too little, either way whenever this is the case, it is wise to begin by training stability. The great part about this exercise is that you are stabilizing both your shoulder girdle and pelvic girdle. (your upper back and hips)

The more streamlined the movement and communication is between these two junctions of the body, the better you will move.




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