Boat to Canoe

Boat to Canoe


The goals here are to never let your weight fall onto the floor. Those shoulder blades must stay activated and squeezed towards each other the entire time you are moving. Your knees can be bent as I have shown in the video or they can be locked straight for an added intensity.

  • Inhale on the down
  • Press inner thighs together as you drawn them into your chest.
  • Squeeze your shoulder blades together and pull your belly button in on the up.

This is a combination of two abdominal exercises and is somewhat of an advanced move, but purely because certain people’s anatomy and fitness level allows for belly up abs, or not.*

* Do not continue to do this if you have pain in your lower back, hip flexors or clicking in the front of your hips. If you do, its pretty clear that your hip flexors are working and pulling on the low back instead of your TVA and other muscles of the trunk.

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