Single Leg Bridge

The Single Leg Bridge is a relaxing exercise for the backside of the body. It targets the glutes and hamstrings while giving the rest of your body a bit of downtime – aka your heart can rest since you are supine (on your back.)



What is awesome about this exercise is that it’s NON-IMPACT. Many people have joint issues and cannot bounce, hop, jump, etc.. There is none of that here, just pure controlled movement and isolated muscle contraction all using your own body weight. 😉

  •  Tilt the pelvis towards the ground so that you are crushing your lower back into the floor

  • Dig your heel into the ground on the active leg. Flex your raised leg and lift off the ground and energetically draw your raised leg’s heel to the ceiling.

  • Stay there for a full breath, squeeze your buns and slowly lower down, repeat. Exhale on the way up, inhale as you come back to the floor.

3 sets of 10-20 will definitely get the job done.

Foam roll sore or tight hamstrings.

Add something under the active leg for stability challenges, like stability balls, medicine balls, foam rollers, bosu’s, etc.



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