Plank Rockin’

Plank Rockin’ is pretty self-explanatory. It lets you keep a plank, but not in a static hold- instead you rock forward and back. I’m not a fan of anything static.

This is a great exercise that will target your core while working shoulder stability.

You will also elevate your heart rate with this move.



Do it as a warm up before strength training your upper body, or between weight-lifting sets.

  • Make sure to keep your legs and butt active.
  • Keep firm pressure into the ground from your elbows, forearm, and palms.
  • Keep the movement forward and back small at first and then gradually play with how far you can lean onto the tips of your sneakers.
  • You can count reps as you go forward. Try for three sets of 20, or go for time. 1-3 min of Plank Rockin’ is a great challenge.

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