Plank Leg Pull Through

A Plank Leg Pull Through is probably not a common name used for this exercise, if this is a common exercise. I honestly wouldn’t know.

It is certainly a product of all the yoga and primal training I have done over the years. There are elements of martial art training in its execution but it is abdominal intensive, particularly obliques, cardiovascular body weight movement. It is also a component of the many beautiful transitions found in Animal or Primal Training/Yoga Flows.


  • From Plank, make the biggest and strongest cat back you can. (Pull the belly in and bring your ribs to the ceiling)
  • Release one arm from the plank and bring the OPPOSITE leg forward.
  • Your torso should be upright.
  • Your butt is not on the floor and your leg is flexed, and straight ahead AS IS your gaze.
  • If your leg is pointing to the right or left, elevate your cat back and practice.
  • Squeeze your shoulder blades together so that you open the chest instead of rounding it.

I train clients with this move to increase their endurance and overall strength in difficult vinyasa flows.

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