Nutrition vs. Diet

Nutrition vs Diet   (…#Words Matter…)

Nutrition is a blanket term used to describe the sum of all catabolic processes of the body in all of its systems. Catabolic is the breaking down of molecules into smaller units for  

  • energy purposes or
  • categorization for other processes. 

Not accounting for supplementation: food is what we consume for energy.

Diet is the food we regularly consume. There is very little humans don’t eat, however there are certain foods our bodies cannot properly break down or digest and even though they can be found on our plate.

REDEFINING DIET as anything that someone consistently consumes as an energy source, not something done for a temporary period of time and not a lifestyle choice that includes starvation, low-calorie or food-type specific restrictions.

In example, Polar bears’ diet consists of fish. Koala bears’ diet consists of shrubs and bamboo leaves. Shark eat other fish, etc.


Image result for redefining diet



Food is broken into three functional groups:

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