Eating Habits : Mind and Body

The most important element regarding nutrition is your body awareness. Not how you look! What is going on inside: Get to know your body and listen to what it tells you.

It will tell you what it needs through sensations that even if you cannot truly understand you must work at cultivating. The body doesn’t communicate in words and thoughts, although that sometimes happens, you have to think of this as learning a new language.

How do we listen best ?Image result for eating habits

Well, by asking questions of course.

How does what you eat make you feel? And how does it make you poop? What goes in must come out.

Question everything you thought you knew or that someone told you. Things that you hear people repeat time and time again, that you may not know much about, yet.

Where do your eating habits come from? Why do you eat the things you do?         

“Being the healthiest eater from my group of friends is the best,” said no one ever.

YES it matters what other people around you think about nutrition? Their poor decisions make you feel either a) aggravated b) judged/ guilty c) problematic.

But what makes a diet healthy? What is Eating clean?

Your silence regarding their decisions does not help them. They may need someone to open that conversation for them. Besides, you need them on board so that something as simple as eating stays simple. 

Where do I start? Is it too late for me? How do I make new habits?        

Once you have begun making positive changes, you will be the one to keep you in check, as long as you stay clear on what you want. The food you eat is your life source. Without it you will die, it should be the most important thing in the world to you. Make your word your priority.

A diet can be clean, and so can habits and we’re going to discuss how keeping both will keep you looking and feeling great. 

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