Dead Bug : An Abdominal Exercise

This is the best abdominal exercise with those who have lower back issues or pain.

Why would they name an exercise Dead Bug? But there you are, on your back with your legs up like a bug that’s dead , so make the best of it. You, my friend, are not dead. You’re beautiful and you want to be strong, fit, and lean.

Related imageLOOK at how my low back stays on the ground the entire time. You want to press the small of your back down like you can crush something underneath you. Squeeze your shoulder blades together so that the middle of your back also presses into the floor.

You can do this move fast, slow, pulse, or change tempos and go for a set period of time.

You can incorporate this move in interval training, such as Tabata, maybe even couple it with more explosive exercises. Like Jump Squats for 20 sec, and Dead Bug for 10. Now, that sounds like fun!

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