What Kind of Lifter am I?

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See Training Styles, How to Build a 6-week Program, High Intensity Variations, & Rep Schemes.

Each person has a different goal in mind when they train. While we are working with somewhat the same materials, we are not built the same, we do not have the same genetics, and we will not have the same results.

What works for one person may never work for you. You must be clear about what you want and if you have what it takes to work for that goal. 

Words to know: Load, Volume, Intensity, Strength, Power, Speed, Endurance.


Training Modes:

Training is certainly not limited to these four. And as much as I have categorized them for you, on any given day all four of these modes of training can be exercise in the same session.

Task-Oriented Training:

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This is to practice, learn, and create muscle memory– aka adapt and become better at something like, balance, jumping rope, pull-ups, handstands, etc.



Training for Weight Loss: This is to consistently be working on improving the composition, shape and strength of your muscles, organs and awareness of your body, as well as the general health of your physical form.


These are people who are choosing exercises with based on muscle presentation and ‘pop.’ They are sometimes very strong, sometimes have endurance, but upon competing and the traditional usage of the word “body-builder” their training objective is mainly aesthetic. This kind of lifting are not limited to competitors. Many everyday people train this way. They have different goals and body types among this group are all trying to attain a particular look by building muscles and burning fat around this muscle.      

Total Body Conditioning:

These are people who may have been athletes earlier in their life or have found a way to balance fitness and activity into the demands of their work and familial responsibilities. They do not train one muscle group at a time as they are approaching fitness in a holistic way and incorporating all modes of fitness. Maybe it isn’t deliberate, but they just have a very nonchalant attitude towards fitness, or perhaps a short attention span and cannot focus on triceps and shoulders one day, and legs another, etc. Total Body Conditioning is the most flexible in terms of application and acquiring new patterns of movement.Image result for training fitness




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