Weightless Routines

Q: Do you need to lift weights?                                                                                 A: No you do not need to life weights to build a routine. 

Weightless routines challenge your strength, cardio, and endurance. There is natural resistance placed upon you by gravity so essentially we are never working without resistance, not even walking.

Weightless routines allow you the flexibility to move in unencumbered ways that handheld weights would hinder. You shouldn’t run or jump laterally (side to side) with weights, but without weights you can do this easily and change directions giving you a great opportunity to cross train agility, power, speed, footwork all in a cardiovascular exercise.

Q:Will lifting weights make me big?                                                                      A: Bottom line, if done correctly the act of lifting weights is breaking down muscle fibers, laying down new ones in order to increase the strength, density, and inevitably the size of the muscle.

However, the efficiency by which this is attained depends on your genetics, your diet, and if you train with specificity and rigidity. If it was that easy to become a body-builder, then literally hundreds upon hundreds of people would do it, so get to the gym and stop over-thinking it.

Weightless Routines:

-primal moves – What on Earth are primal moves? My clients love them, well love to hate them. They’re not my creations, while I have given them my own flare. They are owed to Cameron Shayne and perhaps a few others that he has learned from. We are always continuing to learn and share with one another. If it wasn’t for Renee Diamond, I would never have taken to them in the way that I have or brought them to my clients with such vigor. Please see the videos as these are not exercises that can be talked about. Be about it. Straight Monkey Komodo Dragon Gorilla Side Monkey Bear Crawl Panda

– gravity effect- Anything you do against gravity will have resistance added to the movement. For example, from standing upright, if you should keep straight legs and a flat back as you reach for your toes, gravity is loading extra weight onto your spine just because it is bent away from you legs. When you go from a bent “L” shape to standing again, you have lifted not just the weight of your torso but added gravity.

– yoga- Asanas are positions that they body can hold and Vinyasa is the movement between asanas. Asana’s will challenge your cardiovascular strength, your muscle’s strength, endurance, and flexibility. Yoga will also work with something we haven’t talked a lot about yet and that is Alignment.

– (Mat-Based) Pilates- These are wonderful patterns of movement that involve total core recruitment. These series of exercises will make you cry or laugh with abdominal pain, in a good way of course, and the woman that have been doing it for years will put even the most ego body-builder to shame. These movements focus on lengthening from the core outwards and will be beneficial to anyone who has postural issues, particularly as it relates to hamstring/hip flexor/and lower back tightness

– Tabata / HITT- Tabata and High Intensity Interval Training are not the same things. Tabata is a form of HIIT. Tabata is 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest, but this is subjective. 20 seconds of work could be something high intensity and rest, can be interpreted as low intensity. It all depends on how you feel that day.

– Plyometrics – Explosive movement that engages total muscle recruitment and does movement at maximum velocities. 



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