Wrist Pain/ Limitations

Read below for understanding. Scroll to bottom of page for a list of exercises and doing. Care for your joints like they’re packed with the finest weed. 

Wrist Limitations: You may not like the sound of this, but the problem is not your wrists, it’s you. Well… maybe not you but the way you are attempting to do said exercises. When people tell me they can’t do plank because it hurts their wrists, I first ask them if they have had an injury or surgery. After they say no, and they usually say no, they’ll continue to tell me that this is also why they can’t do push-ups. Sure.

Somehow, despite what your instructor has advised you to do, you insist on asking your wrists to hold you in a plank, rather than using the giant leg muscles or stabilizing muscles of the core to maintain the position. It is just poor form, yet the truth is, depending on how long you’ve maintained poor form without engaging the appropriate muscles, you may have actually caused damage to your wrists.

In yoga, we teach something called Hasta Banda. This is the process of spreading your fingers wide and griping the floor like it is something you can palm and push as hard as you can into the space between your index finger and thumb.

With Hasta Banda Every muscle in the arm and hand are activated and you are aligning your shoulders over your wrists, and by integrating your back muscles and joints you will recruit power from the musculature of the torso, hips, and legs. This is how many yogis are able to hold arm balancing postures you see on magazines when they turn their world upside down supported by something as narrow as an elbow.

Image result for hasta bandha

Wrist concerns are usually in combination with poor posture. One example would be:

  • Protracted Shoulders: Shoulders that round forward. They are all too common from how we sit or stand and the general office and nature of our civilized lives. The action of protraction literally means moving forward when they should be sitting neutrally in the center of the side of the body. Rounded and protracted shoulders can range from slight to severe giving way to a very extreme case of a curved spine. This condition is called Kyphosis, and people who have it are called Kyphotic. Often when there is protraction, blood flow does not freely reach arms and hands.
  • Your blood is not just red colored water. Your blood has tons of messengers and any interruptions in this flow means fingers, wrists, and hands are not getting the nutrition they need. There must always be a clear an open pathway at the shoulder.
  •  A healthy balance of protraction and retraction is what creates the neutral position of the shoulder girdle and joint.


Wrist stretches from table top> Wrist exercises, rolls with and without weights

Exercises to get better posture> Chest expansion, Bow, Dhanurasana, Camel, Seated Twist, Locust, Bridge, Wheel, Up Dog,

Create scapula depression>

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