Understanding Adaptation

Adaptation is the theory that your body adjusts to whatever you put it through over a six week period of time. If you did the same exercise every Thursday (same load and intensity) you would benefit from all of this exercise’s intentions for six weeks BUT once that six weeks is over, you WILL plateau and no longer break DOWN muscle fibers TO build new ones, AKA GET SORE , or condition your heart. 

Without ROUTINE modification: You will not see results and or actively be working towards your goals. (If you ask me, six weeks is too long. I get bored man. I like exercises. Some stay with me, but for the most part I am always mixing and matching.)  

How to add challenges to the good ole’ moves you you don’t wanna leave behind.

  • Stability Training – Add a Bosu like a Boss, or SwissBall when you can.
  • Speed – If you are moving well and controlled, go for speed. See how many reps you can complete in a timed round.
  • Intervals – Do many rounds with rest in between or in combination with another move.
  • Power – Control your exertion. Play with your pace, play with the different stages of the movement. The down, the up, the lengthening or shortening of the muscle and if you can pause in any part of it.

Rest: It is also important to note that you do not build muscles while you are lifting, nope. All the magic happens when you’re at rest, so take that seriously. If you are looking to lose weight or burn fat, and you have fat to burn, I think it is perfectly fine to do a bit of cardio everyday.

You have heard people say, “shock the body” “get your weight up” or other such things suggesting that you “change your routine.”


You must change your routine every six weeks.

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What happens if you don’t change? 

  • You will not get stronger

  • You will not increase your heart rate

  • You will not be sore, which means you haven’t broken down any muscle fibers in order to lay down new ones.

If you understand this then, it will not be hard for you to know that shocking the body with new exercises and new modes of cardiovascular intensity are the best way to increase your level of fitness and enhance adaptability.

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What are some easy ways you can change our routine?

  • Do routine in different order

  • Change the weight

  • Change the reps

  • Change the rest

  • Do the exercises with speed or cardio intervals between sets

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