Understanding Inflammation

The body is designed to move. You are one huge muscle, yes you have many, but all of your muscles are encased in connective tissue called Fascia. This connective tissue is an amazing network of receptors and electrifying neurons that helps transform messages from the brain directly into muscle action.  Learn how to remove inflammation from your body now. 

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Fascia causes chain reactions in the body. A problem, if not addressed, will move from one spot to another. Moving under the influence of inflammation will change your range of motion of and influence the amount of torque (pressure) placed on your joints. A range of motion measures the degrees to which you can extend and flex, twist, and bend your body, otherwise known as joint mobility. Mobility has a counterpart called stability, and this refers to how well a joint can keep a fixed and balanced position even if the rest of you may be moving. These two: joint mobility and stability as well as muscle flexibility are keys to healthy movement.

But why does inflammation occur? Inflammation is the body’s response to any injury, infection, or affected tissues. And what does it feel like? Stiffness. Active and Inactive individuals are all victims of inflammation. Some examples are: a prior injury and subsequent scar tissue, walking on the outsides of the feet, maybe a habit of crossed legs, any one of these can cause perpetual inflammation and impact movement without you even noticing. But please note that you can experience inflammation from your diet.

When someone’s joint is displaced, dislocated, or grinding due to a lack of cartilage, popped, torn, or as people often say ‘broken’ and in need of replacement, it is because of repetitive and, or prolonged dysfunctional patterns of movement under the stresses of sustained inflammation.

Learn how to get remove Inflammation from your body now. 

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Active and Inactive individuals all fall victim to inflammation. If someone has had a prior injury and scar tissue, or walks on the sides of their feet instead of a heel to toe gait, maybe has a habit of crossing right leg over left, this kind of sustained dysfunction creates perpetual inflammation all the way up the line, so the foot, the ankle, lower leg, and maybe even the knee are impacted by movements we barely think about.

Warning: If you have not exercised in over a year or more it is imperative that you begin by using a foam roller. This is the best investment you can do to begin your new path, and it will be incredibly helpful for you now to stay connected to your body and goals and also for the long-term sustainability of your wellness and health of your joints and muscles. BUY A FOAM ROLLER NOW




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