Honor Where You Are

Honoring your place is a wise decision. There is no gain in pushing through pain. See Links Below on Specific Limitations. 

Many of us know fully well what it means to have chronic pain, or general limitations that hinder us from matching our efforts with our will.

There is no such thing as a bad anything. Learn what it is that ails you. Don’t talk about it if you aren’t going to do anything about it. Ask questions, read and research on your own and talk to professionals. You are not a doctor. Be humbled by the fact that you are a body with two amazing legs and arms and you were born with only one set. You can’t just replace them. Learn to appreciate the fact that you can modify any exercise so that it works for you. And for the love of god, harnessing that aforementioned mind body connection to maintain awareness. This is the only way to prevent injury when approaching fitness and movement. It is the key to long-term health.


Please see the links for limitations that are specific to you and follow each of the exercises, but

REMEMBER: Start small, and tackle one issue at a time.                                                   [Now that you are hurt is not the time to push your body.]

Take note, like actual notes on the changes in your pain, mobility, stability, and flexibility.



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