Goal Setting

The Preamble to Movement: Before you Exercise

No matter the goal, be straightforward with yourself, as if you were coaching you – as if you were getting paid to make the best athlete out of yourself. Then you can work harder at being your own motivation rather than focusing on the difficulty of completing the goals that you have put forth.

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How to create a goal? Try to create a goal while still living in the now. Set a real and attainable goal. Define just one thing and see if you can complete this goal either everyday for a consistent week, or if you’ve created a larger challenge, make it so that your efforts allow you to complete that goal in just one week.

For example:

  • You wish to exercise or go to the gym. Good. GO. Make this happen every morning/evening for a full week. The first week getting back into, or starting a fitness routine is the hardest. If you skipped two days somewhere in the middle make the days you go very strong days.  It is still successful if you have completed four- five days of the full 7 day week!

This is success, no matter what you tell yourself. It is success, and you will build on it.

And, what about someone who needs to start with something a bit more specific:

  • Someone who wants to be able to run a mile, this mile is not easier or harder than the broad goal of making it to the gym. It just is. How do they work up to completing a mile? You may have guessed it. They have to begin by running! But, that will hardly be enough. They have to get through first two minutes of running once they actually begin.

These are the hardest minutes to spend running, no matter what your fitness level. And every time they approach the sport of running, these two minutes will become less and less a challenge, but probably not until a full two weeks of going at it. The good news is that with each success, follows the next challenge. After two minutes, they are able to work on two more minutes and so on.

Perhaps after this they can play around with their increments. They have to run a full four, or five minutes, leading up to the inevitable and achievable goal of a mile.

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