Ankle Pain / Injury/ Limitations

Read below for understanding, Scroll to bottom of page for a list of exercises and doing. Care for your joints like they’re packed with the finest weed. 

Clicking is not terribly uncommon and it also NOT a sign that you are breaking, but it is something that you should work to locate and mitigate if possible.

Stretch your calf, and shin. These are the muscles that are pulling on the many moving parts that is your ankle. 

Ankle :There are two bones that make up the lower leg: Fibula and Tibula. They also create the first joint articulation of the ankle, known as the Talocrural joint. The talocrural joint sends your toes towards you and away. However there are more joints present in this tiny place we call the ankle, like a series of intertarsal joints and the subtalar joints. 

Image result for talocrural

This is the spot where most people touch and think of when they hear the word ankle. What is important to note is that all of the foot’s tricks come from the muscles of the lower leg, which means all of the tendons (attachments of muscle to bone) of the calf and shin run directly into the ankle, top and underside of the foot. This is not only fun, but it is a great deal of information when and if we have foot pain, just move up to the lower leg and keep pressing to find a point of tension. A little massage will get you to the root cause of pain and inflammation.

YES. It is possible to have inflammation without swelling.

What would cause inflammation to build up in an ankle?

  • An old Injury
  • Scar tissue
  • Poor Circulation

Foam roll the entire leg but especially the sides of the underneath of the knee joint and working your way down to the ankle noting all sensitive areas.

Move your ankle, roll it, dorsi-flexion (toes towards you), plantar-flexion (toes away from you), stability exercises, foot flexibility.

Roll your foot with a ball. It could be a lacrosse ball, a golf ball, it can also be one of your kid’s random toys. I have even taken the weight pegs out of a weighted ankle bracelet and rolled on that! #janefonda



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