Bow to your practice’s imperfections

Great teachers are few and far in between.

Good teachers are what most of us know and while they develop their practice, they share what they have learned on their journey.

They solve problems physically … like they unlock secret chambers of their body. You, for better or worse, have access to these same locks, obstacles, weaknesses and success.

So if you can, find a teacher that looks like she might share your body, your disposition, talk to him or her, ask them questions because you are a mirror for their progress in the journey. No Yoga. No Peace.

We call it a practice because it isn’t perfect.


For a long time I thought this life was supposed to be complicated, that we’re supposed to build great names for ourselves. But of course that can be done with little effort. Just wake up and be kind. Be kind to yourself as much as you are to others.

And after you get the whole kind thing down, naturally you’ll have to rid yourself from expectation. No one owes you kindness back and so don’t take it personally if you aren’t well received, or they aren’t as giving as you had imagined they would. It is your practice to make healing grounds from what comes up in this life NOT a war story to commiserate and compete with the brutalities experienced by our neighbors. This cooperative intelligence is what we all rely on to pass our days.

Practice the art of not complaining, not about this moment and the pain endured presently, and not of future complications you anticipate, or reflections of memory.

Every moment counts. Time spent complaining is to waste precious moments on moments that have already passed.


#gratitude #noyoganopeace #wecallitpractice #namaste


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