Instinct, Intelligence, and Anxiety.

To paraphrase the great Alan Watts and share my understanding.

It is with exasperation that democratic people vote themselves into dictatorship. The variety of standards recorded and suggested to keep with their subsequent rules to follow are the reason writers and artists go berserk.

Worst is, the enthusiasm and passion behind small business and projects are not fit for breaking through the confinements of piles of 8 X 11 inch paper, and so quickly they sell to big corporations.

Independent skilled professionals take salaried jobs without the joys and challenges of responsibility.

It is because of the registrars bureaucracy that the people of real creative and scientific genius do not work in universities.

The system that intelligence has created leaves its people unsure of how to productively contribute and with this feeling of despair they abandon their socio-political commitments.

Society is left to be taken over by the system itself, a self-proliferating weed whose purpose is nothing more than mechanical. NOTHING MORE THAN BRAMBLES.

Image result for brambles

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