Day 21 – Squeaky Sounds and “O” Faces

I couldn’t sleep at all last night. For reals, I was wide awake from last nights workout. I was sweating, then I was cold. I eventually got frustrated and hopped out of bed, only to regretfully check facebook and get in on this whole Kim Kardashian/Kanye vs James Franco/Seth Rogan video. I did what I could to go to sleep, but that probably made it worse.

Breakfast@ 4:45 Usual Oatmeal

Morning Cardio@ 10:45 – I ran for 15 minutes at 5.5. I am so pleased with my progress. I felt my ankle a little bit but I did my best to make sure that my heel hit the ground each time, even if it was the slightest bit. I am glad to use any part of the foot that can take the pressure of the toe and not pull from my peroneal tendon. I did a mile on the AMT, this would stand for an All Motion Trainer. I don’t actually know if people call it this, but its what my facility has it listed as. It is the Precor elliptical that allows you to step, half stride, and full stride with completely interactive hand levers.
Quick Morning workout: Free Pull ups 6,5,4, Cable Column Chest Fly’s 10 x 3, Mt. Climbers 25 x 3, High Hipped 1/2 burpees 10 x3, 45 lb BB Clean & Press 15 x 2. I had to do my best not to laugh at these two kids staring at their biceps, pinching and marking, talking about some line they wanted to create, then doing preacher curls for it, of course assisted as the DB was too heavy to lift alone.

Lunch@ 12:30 Carrot & Ginger Soup from June & Hoes, a bit of sauteed kale and a tiny bit of egg salad. I don’t know what I love more, the cashier that sings classic rock to me in his korean accent, the collective hellos and happy guys behind the counter, or the actual food. Such a toss up..

My body is super sore, especially my right ankle/ peroneal tendon… as in I can feel a part of my body that I am not supposed to be so aware of.  I’ll tell you what though, anyone who does this kind of stuff is lying if they tell you they don’t feel it. I played with the dogs and got them to fight with one another, but then I foam rolled for about an hour. I wish that was a joke, there was some stretching in between, but mostly it was me making squeaking sounds and ‘O’ faces. (that alone could describe Kanye and Kim’s rendition)

Dinner@ 5pm Salmon and a small piece of  Vegan Coconut Pumpkin Pie. It was homemade without sugar. I know its a strange mix but they were both cold and delicious. Of course Gma gave me some all vegan coquito to wash it down with. How sweet of her! She keeps a reserve for me every year before she adds the half and half. I am thankful. I’m quite ready for the holiday.

Late night Protein Tea @7:30 Vega One Chai Tea made with hot water.

Getting Sleep

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