It was a Twofer

Today’s Lesson: Make the time for yourself. And this doesn’t always mean a workout. Getting Fit doesn’t just refer to our muscles. What about our organs, like your mind?

I was running late for my first session today and even though I was about three minutes late, I still filled up my Nathan water bottle from the water cooler instead of sprinting up the stairs to cater to the client. It was a small amount of effort and a negligible amount of time to worry about in the first place. But the water was hella worth it. The decision was easy, but how often have we sacrificed ourselves for our work, or those we work for, and not refilled the water bottle, skipped lunch, etc.

Second instance, same day… Sometimes a lesson presents itself twice to make sure you learned well. I was asked to be in the city at the restaurant by 1pm, however that was the time that I was just getting out of session, and where normally I would have rushed straight there from the gym— because I am a happy little over achiever, this time I did not.
I came home had a proper lunch, a sweltering shower, oh god so good, and some primping I had planned on doing today before the restaurant’s last minute beckoning. Was it absolutely important that these things happen? Maybe not, but it felt wonderful to take care of me!

Woke @ 6:30am Breakfast Oatmeal, Sunwarrior, Blueberries, Almond Coconut Milk, Water, Teaspoon of natural Peanut Butter.

Workout @ 10am Foam Rolling warm up, Swiss Ball (between feet) Kick Ups w rotations, One Legged Bridges on Swiss Ball 10 x 3, BB Deadlifts 10 x3 (115,135lbs), 44lb KB Swings 10 x 3, 44lb KB Single arm Squat 10 x 3both sides, Hanging Leg Raises, V-hold Chop on CableColumn, Tricep Extension on TRX, Cardio : High Knees 50x, 1/2 Burpees 20x, x3 15 minutes on Arc Trainer.

Before Lunch @ 11:45 Carrot, Kale, Green Apple. Um so delicious. I am not brainwashed, it actually tatstes great. Lunch @ 1:30 Salmon, less than a cup of forbidden rice and sauteed cabbage.

Made some banging drinks for the menu, if any of you want to come visit this weekend. I will be behind the bar for the first time in a long time!

Came home and had to get it in again.  Workout #2 @ 7pm Inchworm warm up. 1/2 Burpees 10x 3 (Feet wider than hands on the ‘in’), Power Jacks(very low and very wide) 20x 3, Reg Jump Squats 10x 3, High Knees 25x 3, Mt. Climbers 25x 3, Switch Kicks(hip height) 20×3, Skaters 20x 3, V-ups 10×2, Turkish Get ups 2 each side.(They were terribly sloppy. lol Not to be done at the end of a workout) Unilateral V-ups- opposite hand reaches for opposite foot, 25lb KB Sit-ups, and several handstands. I am still not there. I got about five seconds at the best of them, and there were only three great ones of the many attempts.

Dinner @ 8pm Protein Tea, Hot water with Vega One Chai Tea powder. YUM.

Getting Fit

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