Day 19 (11.22.13)

My clothes are fitting me just like I remember them fitting before this whole fallout happened. My butt definitely seems tighter and a bit lifted. But this is always the first to respond. Butt and Biceps. I feel strong and I wake up energized. Despite for getting in as late as I did last night.

Breakfast @ 6:45 Oatmeal. Chai Latte. Made on my own with loose tea and almond milk.

8:15 am Morning Foam Roll- much needed from my workout with Lauren.

10:45 workout: 5 pistol squats- to 90′ unassisted each side, Bow Pose- 5 holds each side, Obliques on Back Extension Equipment.  Seated Row w External Rotation, and wide grip 10x each x 3, Leaning on incline bench shoulder raise 8lbs 10x 3, Prone DB Rear Flys on Incline Bench, Push-ups on KB 10x 3, Incline Leg lifts and knee tucks.
Cardio: 15 min on Arc Trainer with serious resistance 30-45. My buns are killing me.

Lunch: Kidney Beans, Green beans, Roasted Root Vegetables w/ 2 hardboiled eggs and a Kevita drink.  They’re 2 for $4 at Whole Foods.

It took me 2 hours to get home. 95 was a parking lot. I was stuck in a standstill in the no man’s land between larchmont and New Rochelle, and after switching to the Hutch at Exit 16, I waited for the bridge at Co-op City for another fifteen extra minutes.

Dinner: 6 oz Salmon with sauteed cabbage. This time I added a bit of Vindaloo seasoning to my usual mix and it was great. It cooked faster than usual however and it wasn’t the medium rare I was hoping for. This is the downfall of having a 60′ day when you’re used to 30′ temperature.

I think I might find some time to foam roll this sore body and do some handstands before bed.

Getting Fit

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